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Photoshop Gallery

Images were created with Adobe Photoshop 3.0 on a Quadra 630. All images and text are Copyright 1995 by Viviane Moritz.

Modigliani Copy (18KB jpeg)

Copy of Modigliani's "Head." Used 6 different layers to create the final, and mostly the pencil, paintbrush, erase, and smudge tools. Drawing with a potato wasn't that bad!

Time Flies (68KB jpeg)

Time flies!

Bill & Spy (36KB jpeg)

It must have been getting late when I decided that something alien was going on.

Bottles (22KB jpeg)

This image looks more painterly now than just a colorized photo.

Windows (60KB jpeg)

This image was the most fun to work with. Lots of feathering, and painting.

Watermark (74KB jpeg)

I only used regular photoshop filters here, but took the whole image to an extreme. I started out with a colorful night picture of a canal and manipulated it until I got mostly colors, almost psychedelic.

Kai's Cadillac (145KB jpeg)

Close-up of the Repo Man's car full of nuclear energy. Used only Kai Power Tools filters.

Bullfighter/Venezuela (31KB jpeg)

This is a picture I took at a bullfight in Venezuela, scanned and cropped.

This is a picture I also took in Venezuela, but in a remote area in the mountains. The picture was taken with a panoramic camera.
This is an image with the two pictures together. Because of the depth of the background, the bullfighter and bull look like they are in the foreground, very close up. I added more dust and also skewed the perspective of the bullfighter/bull.

Iterations (98KB jpeg)

Different experiments with text including the process from Kai's discussion.

Text Art (63KB jpeg)

Many steps using PS filters and KPT resulted in the text.

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All images and text are © Copyright 1995.
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