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Images were created with Adobe Photoshop 3.0 and a QuickCam on a Performa 6115CD. All images and text are Copyright 1995 by Jason Snyder.

Adam Kadmon (55KB jpeg)

This is an image of the head of Adam Kadmon - the heavenly or primordial man, scanned from Knorr von Rosenroth, Kabbala Denudata, Frankfurt, 1684.

Currently, my multimedia company is developing a series of CD-ROM's on mysticism. The first is about the Kabbalah, or sacred Jewish mystical texts. There are some Kabbalists of the opinion that the first form patterned by the ray of light emanated from the En-Sof (Transcendent Infinite) were not the Sefiroth (portions of the body) but the body of Adam Kadmon, from which the Sefiroth flared out.

Homegrown (54KB jpeg)

This is an image from a scanned photo of DJ Homegrown on the 9 train in NYC.

Cut & Paste (34KB jpeg)

Using my QuickCam and the Photoshop select tools, I combined a number of images that infect my mind.

Twins/Castor and Pollux (47KB jpeg)

Original painting info: "The Twins or Castor and Pollux", Jean Cocteau, Oil on Canvas, 1952, 28 3/4 x 23 5/8 in. (73 x 60 cm)

Bill & Spy (76KB jpeg)

I cleaned up the image and had a photoshop seizure...

Bottles (29KB jpeg)

These bottles just needed a little dusting and polishing...

Windows (101KB jpeg)

Cleaned up the image and this is what happened.

Self-Portrait (33KB jpeg)

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All images and text are © Copyright 1995.
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